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Start collecting valuable feedback from your customers

  • TrustSpot automatically sends an email after someone purchases something from your store, asking them to leave a review
  • Customers can leave reviews directly inside of the email, providing maximum review submission rates
  • If a customer leaves a review, it gets collected on your public, SEO-driving personalized review profile page
  • Reviews also appear on your own site in widgets, badgets, and tabs... boosting conversion rates
“Thanks to TrustSpot, we've been able to capture valuable customer insight into our site, leading to a overall 10% increase in conversions"

Increase your brand recognition

Your company profile is where everything comes together. See exactly what customers have to say about you, and provide valuable responses to their questions and concerns for all to see.
“TrustSpot has helped us reach many new clients thanks to the verified reviews page we plugged in on our website. Not only did we gain more clients, but it has made us realize we make a positive impact on everybody we have done work for thus far. TrustSpot's customer service is top-notch and I have referred many other Shopify users because of my experience with them!”

Drive higher conversion rates with Trust elements

Show off your great reviews with beatifully designed Trust Seals, Badges, Widgets, Tabs, plus more! Customers will feel comfortable making a purchase on your site when faced with glowing reviews
“I’ve tried many different trust seals, but all of them are over-priced compared to what TrustSpot is offering. Not only that, Ryan and his team are excellent at responding to whatever question I throw at them. I highly recommend giving TrustSpot a spin before going with one of the others.”

Boost your SEO ranking

Use the power of search engines to publicize your customer satisfaction ratings. Google, Bing, and Yahoo use TrustSpot to share ratings data that can be displayed within your search results as gold stars
"Great SEO is the cornerstone of our business marketing strategy, with TrustSpot we show up high on results - above our competitors"

Powerful Insights & Analytics for your account

TrustSpot captures great insights into how your customers are responding to your emails, and allows you to get a better understanding of who your customers are and more importantly who your BEST customers are, allowing you to make smarter, more informed marketing choices for your business.
"We've been able to boost our cart conversion rate by 10% by displaying our Trusted Seal, Badge and Widget across our high traffic pages. Abandonment has been decreasing since we made the switch to TrustSpot"
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