Oren S

Nov 26, 2018

Great program

James T

Oct 09, 2018

This program is fantastic and the support is exceptional. Immediate responses that were very helpful. It really is the best software out there to help you not overpay for a property.

Joseph A

Aug 08, 2018

Thank you Exactly what we needed to get started

Robert W

Apr 17, 2018

This is a great addition to our tool box. I like the flexibility in the tool. Thank you Dave

Jeremy B

Apr 11, 2018

Been great. Continue to learn everyday.

Daniel A

Mar 02, 2018

Love the software. I use it almost every day. Just one question. Can you add a mileage recorder for taxes?

Cecil A

Feb 22, 2018

Clearly one of the better tools for your belt. If you flip houses and dont use this, you're missing the boat

Tom N

Aug 14, 2017

The System (spreadsheet) is awesome. Totally satisfied with the quality, detail and comprehensive tool.

Mitchell P

Aug 02, 2017

Great work on this spread sheet

Ed Horn

Jun 01, 2017

Very responsive to questions.

Lori W

Apr 27, 2017

*** LOVE IT! As a NEW Investor this REALLY helps with touching base on all the important areas that is needed to consider when looking into investing into a property. THANKS -

Ferreira D

Mar 07, 2017

Awesome tool. Tons of functionality that gives me an edge in my business. My favorite part - their customer support is top notch. I found a small bug in the sheet and they corrected it and sent me an updated fixed sheet within a few hours. Thank you! Keep up the good work :)

Wells C

Mar 07, 2017


Scarborough Rob Scarborough

Mar 07, 2017

Awesome spreadsheet! I never thought I would ever purchase a spreadsheet. However, when I saw what this thing could do for my rehab estimating and tracking, I had to buy it!


Oct 23, 2016

Outstanding Spreadsheet This spreadsheet has everything and is self contained with all you need. The owner responds to your questions and also takes your suggestions serious. This is the best software if you're in the business of flipping homes. You'll love it.

Stephen S.

Oct 08, 2016

Good software for Calculating Flips I have 3 different commercial rehab calculators and I like this one the best of bunch. I have had a couple support issues, which were caused by not having all the information. The support was timely and complete. The program has just hung a few times and I have had to give up and start over on some projects. Never did figure out why. The program has a fairly robust report menu. The financing entry does not always match my situation, so have to fudge some of those entries. It will work just fine for all the usual financing situations. I found the cost data, which comes from a national database a little off especially on smaller projects, like 1000 sq ft houses, but that information is completely modifiable based on your market. Suggested cost data is supplied, which is a huge benefit. Down Sides: There are not many. Unable to do an audit trail as those features of the excel sheet are password protected. Occasionally locks up, but rarely. Overall: Well worth the money. Takes you through a rehab project in an organized manner, if you follow the intake, I doubt you will miss anything. Gives you the key data you need and reports you need when buying or talking with an investor. Knowing all your costs is key for a successful project and this software does it all including holding costs and profit splits. After using the program for a couple months I would strongly endorse it and definitely buy it again. I have looked at several and this is the best I have seen to date. Really lets you know exactly where your maximum offer should be.


Sep 19, 2016

Comprehensive The spreadsheet is comprehensive to the point where it teach and guide on every aspect of house flipping and more. Great product, do not flip without this spreadsheet!!!


Aug 11, 2016

Great Product This would cost thousands of dollars and many hours to create if you were to make them yourself.


Jul 11, 2016

Well worth the money if this is what your needs are great spreadsheet - very detailed, short learning curve to get in the groove - so does any good spreadsheet. Professional looking and any questions I had were answered within minutes by the owner. I highly recommend. Christine


Jun 17, 2016

New User This is the first flip/rehab I've used this software on and all I can say is it's a god-send! This software program takes the place of pages and pages and various spread sheets of unorganized (or lost) data and information regarding all aspects of the rehab. I'm not one to read directions before using a product and I found the House Flipping Spreadsheet to be pretty intuitive to set up and get started. As I used it more I'm more amazed at its capabilities. I'll probably never need to utilize more than 75% of the tools available but they are there if I ever need them. Highly recommend, will make your life so much easier!


May 21, 2016

Saved me time and headaches Not only is it easy to navigate and well thought out, but when I had questions Dave was there to see me thru until I had the questions answered. Unprecedented customer service and an excellent tool.

Stan - Bristol, CT

Apr 28, 2016

A Real Timesaver Once a template is created with your local costs, this is a very simple and quick way to determine your maximum offer for purchase.. Simply enter basic financial information like percent of ARV, interest rate, points, estimated time frame for rehab and sale then go through all the major categories picking what has to be done. It even has a box to indicate DIY. Once all that is done, go to the summary page adjust your desired profit percentage and see at a glance your max offer.

Jeff Gebhart

Apr 15, 2016

Love it! I had questions getting started. I sent them an email on a Sunday evening and I got a return message right away!!! They really want it to be useful to you. There are several tutorial videos that are excellent. I've purchased several software products over the years and none of hem compare to the preparation of this one to be able to teach you how to use it. I simply can't say enough it is just great.

Douglas Marquiss

Apr 05, 2016

Simplified work This spread sheet has given me a great place to quickly put all of my costs and give me a road map to complete the project. Easy and simple.

Billy Parlon

Mar 23, 2016

Best software program for developers/rehabbers ive been using the program for about 8 months now. its such an excellent program!..its kept my real estate developing company's records , budgets, projects etc., all in line!...The software program is the best on the market bar none..ive tried others, and none can hold a candle...furthermore, i recently had a hiccup in the program. I emailed support on a Saturday night ( figuring id hear something monday at best) and Dave replied Saturday night !!!!..he had the issue fixed SUNDAY!!...i was astounded....can anyone tell me another company that wouldve done that ????....do i have to keep writing? i think you can see how i feel about this program....

chue c

Nov 12, 2018

can not download the program into my MacBook Pro.

James C

Sep 12, 2018


Paul S

Jul 30, 2018

Excellent product and value

Mansoor N

Apr 15, 2018


NaQueen Z

Apr 02, 2018

This software makes my life so much easier. I’ve already recommended it to another investor that I work with and he even bought it!

Harjeet B

Mar 02, 2018

Well put together and easy to use. There is lot of good information when reports are run.

William D

Feb 22, 2018

Great resource for determining your costs and potential profit. You can vet a deal in minutes and have a solid offer.

Blest N

Aug 10, 2017

Great product

Taylor T

Jul 24, 2017

Everything has been great with the House Flipping Spreadsheet so far! Plus all of the forums and additional video tutorials make troubleshooting a breeze!

Brittany H

May 03, 2017

When I'm starting a project, this is the first place I start for estimates and the last place I go when wrapping up the financials. I worked in commercial construction for years and when I switched over to residential for flipping houses, I was in need of a solid software system for tracking the construction process. This is a fantastic spreadsheet that has it all.

Hall G

Mar 08, 2017

This spreadsheet replaces four others we used to use, and has a better "dashboard" for the flip analyzer that any other tool in Excel I have seen. Highly recommended.


Mar 07, 2017

Pretty gpod

garcia guadalupe garcia

Mar 07, 2017

Great software


Nov 18, 2016

Thanksgiving In rare form Great Wow Dave this is awesome thank a Million and have a Happy thanksgiving what a Gift for Thanks Giving...... This is the COSTCO of Flipping Spreadsheets.


Oct 22, 2016

Extremely Helpful This is a fantastic tool that allows you to create offer and analysis documents that are consistent. It gives you a professional presence that is important for partners and investors..


Oct 04, 2016

Excellent Software for the Real Estate Investor Love this! This software will help me grow my business professionally. It has saved me so much time. I definitely recommend it if you are a serious real estate investor!


Sep 12, 2016

Great product! We have only begun to use the worksheets to figure budgets for our jobs and it's been very easy to understand and anything that we don't we can watch informative videos that show step by step what to do. We cannot wait to start using all of the features its provides. All of the work has been done and saved us TONS of time trying to figure out how to put together a similar worksheet.


Aug 10, 2016

Great Product HouseFlippingSpreadsheet.com is awesome. Great product packed with everything you need for flipping properties. Dave is wonderful and very helpful. You can't go wrong with this software.


Jul 10, 2016

Love the spreadsheet. . Very detailed. Just wish it was web enabled.


Jun 15, 2016

This spreadsheet has met what was promised plus so much more I have been impressed with the spreadsheet and how much detail is included when looking at all that has to be done during the flip and the cost. If that isn't enough you will also be able to use the included reports which are very professional and easy to use. If you do have any problems using the spreadsheet there are plenty of videos to guide you or you can contact them directly.

Flipping In Florida

May 10, 2016

Excellent! Top of the line product! And top of the line customer service! Highly recommend.


Apr 22, 2016

Flexible and efficient I've been using it for a few weeks now and find it extremely helpful and efficient for doing a detailed analysis of my rehab projects. The support has been very responsive and helpful when I had questions.


Apr 13, 2016

Great product. easy to use this has helped my business a lot. and easy to use and great customer service.

Tammy - AZ Photographer

Apr 01, 2016

Must Have for home Rehab Detailed and very easy to use. Also bought the business plan and almost have it completed! Great investment!


Mar 21, 2016

Outstanding! I am new to the rehabbing/flipping business but not to the actual remodeling and renovation industry. I was looking for an easy to use all encompassing program that does the work for you! I tried several other programs and although they were strong on the real estate numbers side almost all were lacking or non-existent when it came to the project cost assemblies side. This program in my mind nails the estimating portion and is user friendly and customizable to boot.To top it off the support on the backend is ridiculous as Dave is extremely responsive and goes above and beyond to ensure your qusstions are answered and you are satisfied with the results of your inquiry. Great Program! Two thumbs up!

Paul W

Oct 25, 2018

Not only is the product great and fully customisable for the UK. The support is fantastic. I can honestly say it’s the best customer service I have EVER come across.It’s just not possible for me to come up this such a simple, but detailed tool. Ive been flipping houses for 15 years - this is a real eye opener for me.

Jerry S

Sep 10, 2018

Program works better than I could even imagine. It has cut my costs in a few area's and kept me on track with everything. I highly recommend this program. Thanks Jerry

Alexander Y

Jul 19, 2018

Great product

Khris A

Apr 15, 2018

The concept of the spreadsheet is fantastic but there are few bugs to work out. Tried to call and email tech support but have not been successful in getting a return call or email.

Jeanessa F

Mar 27, 2018

Spreadsheet is awesome and everything we expected it to be and more. Well worth the price :)

Afshin N

Mar 02, 2018

Great tool. I would turn the reporting and PDF reports into more customizable outputs. But over all great.

Fred G

Feb 22, 2018

Great useful product.

James T

Aug 09, 2017

Great software, takes some time to learn the ropes, but once you do. It is well worth the price.

Andrae G

Jun 16, 2017

Great job on your product..

Chuck M

May 02, 2017

I like it alot! Just having a little problem with the macros from time to time. Nothing major.

Taylor S

Mar 07, 2017

This is the greatest and best tool in my arsenal of tools. I am confident with the numbers and know within a short time if it is a good deal or not. I was recently in Dallas and made reference to HouseFlippingSpreadsheet.com more than once. Thank you!

Black M

Mar 07, 2017

Has a few quirks however does a good job

McCandless KR McCandless

Mar 07, 2017

I purchased this as we found ourselves mid-fix & flip....I especially appreciated the loan costing and the estimate / construction costs tracking and reporting.


Nov 17, 2016

Amazing product If you consider RE .... must get this.

Frank Sinda

Oct 17, 2016

House Flipping Spreadsheet This spreadsheet estimating tool is a must have. Once you have it you will use it on all of your quality leads. Don't hesitate and look at someone else's tool. This is the one you want and need. Randy


Sep 29, 2016

Great Product! For a real estate investor just starting out on his own, I couldn't imagine a more comprehensive, profession tool (including the Business Package). It's got everything we need. I wish I had it on the last few flips I helped some other investors do. And the cherry on top is the price. Thank you!


Aug 27, 2016

Easy to use complete System able to put to use right away. Purchased while I had a property under contract and was able to put to use immediately. A system in a spreadsheet. Thanks Guys.


Jul 29, 2016

Phenomenal product Houseflippingspreadsheet is an amazing product. The sheet is very well thought out. It's very robust but still relatively easy to navigate through. Customer support answers in a very timely manner. Awesome!


Jun 29, 2016

This Spreadsheet has made all the difference in my business The spreadsheet is very intuitive and easy to use. there are so many extras that come with the best package! This spreadsheet allowed me to really think about ever area of my project and make sure I didnt miss anything. The reports are very professional. 100% reccomend it to every small business who will be flipping houses!


Jun 07, 2016

Awesome spreadsheet! Amazed and the breadth and depth of this spreadsheet - truly makes my life easier as an investor. Thanks for all the thought.


May 04, 2016

Excellent tool and responsive. I had already referred this tool to other flippers.


Apr 19, 2016

An outstanding product I have used a few other evaluation and management software before, and this is by far the most comprehensive one. It is also very easy to learn, because of all the detailed training videos. I was hesitant to buy at first because I am mainly a buy-and-hold investor, but once I looked at the rental evaluation module, I was sold.


Apr 12, 2016

My experience with Spreadsheet.com The product and service is top notch!!

Stacey Wyatt

Mar 28, 2016

House Flipping Spreadsheet As a Real Estate Agent, Builder and Investor this has proved to be an invaluable tool to analyze, track and manage investment projects for our business. Each update to the Spreadsheet has been great and added further value... likewise, Dave responded to a comment I made regarding the Spreadsheet and instantly updated it. Fantastic tool that I would recommend without hesitation.


Mar 20, 2016

This program has a lot of great features. This program has a lot of great features and is easy to use. The costumer service is excellent.

Ed P

Oct 12, 2018

Easy to use and pretty darn accurate!

Steve S

Aug 10, 2018

The tutorial videos presented were great,but, the clearity of the spread sheets shown need to be a little clearer.

Kristian B

Jul 14, 2018

Tons of thought and creativity put into this spreadsheet. All of the information I needed to see in one recap. Thanks guys and gals.

Shary L

Apr 12, 2018

This is the BEST tool for rehabbing!


Mar 04, 2018

A great tool!

Faron F

Feb 22, 2018

This is a very good and detailed software designed for flippers, wholesalers and holders. Works great with my laptop/desktop but not to well with my tablet version. All in all I would recommend this software to anyone that wants to get in to real-estate.

Jefferson B

Feb 22, 2018

The best spreadsheet I've come across! Easy to use once you get familiar with the product!

Bill B

Aug 02, 2017

This is an amazing spreadsheet. I've never seen anything so complete with analysis galore! Thanks Dave.

Glenn A

Jun 11, 2017

We have only started using this product this week. We just contracted a house that we will utilize this product in full detail to determine if it suits our needs fully. We will contact you with more feedback as we progress. Thanks Glenn Alberson thehouse4me.com

Neil P

Apr 27, 2017

Fantastic and very usefull produc... support is even better... glad i bought it...

Garcia C

Mar 07, 2017

This is an excellent spreadsheet. Extremely robust. The Business package has everything you need to get your business up and running! I highly recommend this spreadsheet.

Draper J

Mar 07, 2017



Mar 07, 2017

Great customer service


Nov 07, 2016

Excellent Tool I have been using it to analyze my deals, and the functionality of the program is great. It definitely helps my organize in an easy and efficient way my projects that I manage.


Oct 12, 2016

Great program Very well structured program. The support is fantastic.


Sep 21, 2016

Worth the money You can tell the owner put alot time and energy into this spreadsheet.I would definitely recommend


Aug 24, 2016

Responsive! I called and actually spoke to the CEO! Great software and service to boot!


Jul 21, 2016

Great Service! Accessible support! Great job!


Jun 21, 2016

Amazed Loved how thorough your program is


May 22, 2016

Great one stop organizer HFS is a collection of every spreadsheet and form I had previously created or collected for my real estate business. It is incredibly convenient. There is a slight learning curve for those not excel savvy.


May 02, 2016

Excellent product. This is the Cadillac of house flipping spreadsheets. Amazing!


Apr 19, 2016

I recommend it I have been using it since I bought, it is a great tool to use.


Apr 10, 2016

Top Of Class House Flipping Spreadsheet I use this spreadsheet for my house flipping business. It works very well and once you get used to the flow of information, it is quick to set up and analyze. It is worth the money.


Mar 28, 2016

Great tool to help my business The HouseFlippingSpreadsheet is a great tool for analyzing and managing flipping projects. It has a repair estimator that you can customize, deal analysis, budget reports and MANY other features. It's also very easy to use.


Mar 02, 2016

HouseFlippingSpreadsheet.com HouseFlippingSpreadsheet.com is great.