Dec 13, 2018



Oct 29, 2018

The internal audit program was very effective and informative.


Sep 14, 2018

It is a well designed training program


Sep 13, 2018

cool beans


May 15, 2018

Nice training. Easy to follow

kyle b

Mar 27, 2018

great information


Jan 17, 2018

I did the FSSC 22000 Internal Audtior training. It was very informative and easy to understand. I'd definitely recommend it to others!


Oct 04, 2017

It was ok.

Scott W

Aug 31, 2017

Very thorough

Brad T

Aug 16, 2017

Betsy and the team at 22000 Tools Vinca have been wonderful in helping us prep for our SQF Audit! Thank you!

Terry Lively

Aug 01, 2017

Gave us a great foundation for building our food safety programs


Dec 13, 2018

Training was organized & presented well. There are numerous typos in various modules that need to be edited.


Oct 10, 2018

The information can be overwhelming at times. However, if you just go at the pace you are comfortable with, and re review what you went through you should be fine. It was a fun challenge and worth the time to finish.


Sep 13, 2018

I really like the examples given to build your progam from. I also like how others can learn with you from the owner points.


Aug 15, 2018

Excellent material. Videos and templates worked great in our Food Safety Project.


May 11, 2018

Course work was perfect; as a few of the sections were just nice refresher courses and a few completely new, so i could test at my rate and no pressure!

William R

Mar 12, 2018

The package was very helpful. We made it to SQF Level 3, thanks to by Vinca.! Thanks to Cinthia & Betsy as well.


Oct 26, 2017

Helpful training program for those needing a better understanding of FSSC 22000 principles. Documents provided for gap analysis were especially useful and quite thorough. Disappointed by typographical errors and repetitive quizzes.

Elbia G

Sep 26, 2017

i recently took the online course SQF Complete Training Package. I was really please with the course. The repetitions of key concepts were very useful. It helped me focus. The fact that I can pause whenever I felt necessary or I that I could go over certain information was incredibly useful.

Edward L

Aug 31, 2017

Good experience overall. I felt as though the checklist exercise was not the most user friendly activity, and in the end you wind up using the questions that the program has prepared anyway. Obviously practice is necessary, but not sure that portion needs to be as long/repetitive as it is.

James E

Aug 16, 2017

Material was presented well and easy to understand.

Karina Osorio

Jul 27, 2017

It is convenient and i can work on my training on my free time.

Beckie C

Dec 03, 2018

Great class.


Oct 09, 2018

Excellent. Will definitely recommend to others.


Sep 13, 2018

The information was very straight forward and beneficial.


Jun 26, 2018

The training was very good. It provided great instructions on how to organize an audit so that everything will be covered.


May 10, 2018

Good course and excellent document templates


Feb 13, 2018

This website was very informational and the online help was easy to work with.


Oct 26, 2017


Guy B

Sep 20, 2017

The material and format were very good. I had several incidents where the program froze, and it was difficult to navigate from one area to the next. Customer support was great however, and fixed the problems.

Matthew G

Aug 31, 2017

I would've like to have known how much longer I had left and when it was getting close to being finished because I tried to work on it between my schedule and just had no idea how much time to allot for it. There were also multiple spelling errors. Overall it was good.

Wayne U

Aug 15, 2017

Training is good. My only complaint is that it is difficult as a manager to purchase the training for someone else. It cannot be done on the website. That said the folks are helpful and great to work with.

Carla Conradi

Jul 26, 2017

"It gave a more in depth understanding of the audit process allowing our company to delegate the audit responsibilities among more employees. It helped give me a deeper understanding of procedures we have in place, why we have them, and their importance to our process and over all success in accomplishing our goals as a company. It made me realize what needs to be looked into more and addressed in our companies policies and procedures and expanded my knowledge of how to accomplish that."

Beckie C

Nov 15, 2018

Very informative.


Oct 09, 2018

A lot of spelling errors in the presentations, but great content!


Sep 13, 2018

I would have liked this training to be in French but besides that I liked my experience and I will certainly recommend to my colleagues your expertise


Jun 05, 2018

I am extremely happy with service


May 10, 2018

This provided great tools for me to use.

Jon H

Jan 29, 2018

The customer service staff is very helpful and easy to work with. The training that I had was also very informative.


Oct 05, 2017

The classes were very informative and easy to follow. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for knowledge on the subject

Rogelio Z

Sep 14, 2017

It was a wonderful experience, both professional and human. I recommend it.

Cassie J

Aug 21, 2017

Amazing customer service!

ToniRae Gardner

Aug 01, 2017

"SQF is a big part of our company but we are rather small so this online course was helpful in that I did not need to leave for training and could still work. Also, super helpful that you guys reactivated my training course being that I became rather busy and was unable to complete it within the original time frame. Thank You!"