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Michael Levine

Verified Buyer

Nov 16, 2020

Excellent and highly recommended. If you want the best in Lean Six Sigma, take this course.

Christopher Irons

Verified Buyer

Nov 02, 2020

The course was as thorough as I expected it to be. However, I was surprised at how easy the material was to follow and understand. The content was explained in a way that made the course move fast and made it easy to understand. This was a great course.

Bradley Winter

Verified Buyer

Oct 21, 2020

Very Easy to Follow. Thought this course was great. The lessons explained complex concepts clearly and made grasping them easier. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to improve their skills.

Sean Doogue

Verified Buyer

Oct 10, 2020

Enrolled into the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. Very good and detailed course. The instructor was excellent in how he explain the course materials!

Jennifer Jones

Verified Buyer

Oct 10, 2020

Informative and included ways to implement diversity and inclusion using lean six sigma. Some of the explanations for quizzes were located in sections following the quiz.

Dr. Abrar Saeed

Verified Buyer

Sep 30, 2020

This excellent course starts with the ABC of the Lean six sigma concept to the complex level of green belt in a very systematic and step by step approach. I would highly recommend this course for everybody who seeks to get their career inclined towards process improvement and quality management.

Warren Camp

Verified Buyer

Sep 21, 2020

If you have been involved in management decisions ON ANY LEVEL, then most of the concepts in this course will be familiar to you. They were to me. In fact, by the end of this course, I realized that I had used many of these tools and techniques either intuitively or informally without knowing it. I highly recommend it as a foundational course for moving up the Six Sigma ladder.

Jason Stevens

Verified Buyer

Sep 14, 2020

Accomplishment succeeded. Lean six sigma is a great concept for those inspiring to make improvements and capitalize on opportunities! A lot more statistical analysis, charts, and questions regarding the correlation between the two than anticipated on the final, but the course study itself was inspiring.

Tonya Tucker Tafolla

Verified Buyer

Aug 31, 2020

This course was very informative and structured in such a manner that it was easy to navigate and understand. There were concepts that jogged my memory from college statistics class that I actually enjoyed this time around. All of the new concepts were very interested. I set a goal to work on course at least one hour a day from the dated I started and ended up working two or more hours each day and enjoyed the time spent exercising my brain. I look forward to moving on to my black belt soon!

Muhammad Anees

Verified Buyer

Aug 24, 2020

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt was one of the best courses I have ever taken.

Gina Slade

Verified Buyer

Aug 17, 2020

This course was very well written and the material was presented in a very interesting way. Many times, I found myself laughing and nodding along with the instructor. I've been a PMP certified project manager for many years. The Lean Six Sigma methodology builds nicely on my work experience and knowledge. I'm very much looking forward to passing the Yellow Belt certification then pursuing the Green Belt Certification and, dare I say, Black Belt certification. In addition, this course offers several added bonuses: very reasonably priced, exam fee included in course price, and last but not least, SSGI is a registered education provider for PMI. For you PMP certified project managers, you know what that means: you can earn PDUs!! All in all, a great experience! Would highly recommend.

Michael Rinehart

Verified Buyer

Jul 28, 2020

Very well put together exam. Quite challenged. Definitely more challenging than I expected. Wouldn't have passed if it hadn't been for such an awesome and in-depth teaching course over Lean Six Sigma. Thank you so much!

Candace Dell

Verified Buyer

Jul 16, 2020

I highly recommend the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course. This course is a very good choice for obtaining a black belt certification and here's why: 1) Concepts are clearly defined and often presented with real life examples that are easy to understand 2) The information is provided in well organized chunks making it easy to start and stop as your schedule permits 3) A summary and quiz after every chapter assists in reinforcing your understanding of the content 5) The course provides a plethora of learning tools including the chapter decks, quizzes, study guide, flash cards, practice exam. I passed the certification exam on my first try and I attribute this to the reinforced learning through out the process.

Ildiko Mircea

Verified Buyer

Jul 10, 2020

Hello, I absolutely enjoyed your course! I am pretty passionate about process improvement as it is, but the course enabled me to now have the necessary knowledge and tools to take it to the next level. I thought the video overviews at the beginning of each chapter was greatly beneficial. The course length and the breakout for each chapter was also well done. It was a privilege being able to take your course! Thank you for making it easier!!! - Ildiko Mircea

Eugen Andrei Ghenciu

Verified Buyer

Jul 01, 2020

Excellent course. 10 out of 10. This course was truly exceptional!

Michael Krug

Verified Buyer

Jun 09, 2020

Great program! I got my lean six sigma black belt through this program. 1 week after completing it, I got a promotion! I would recommend this for anyone.

Budhaditya Chatterjee

Verified Buyer

Jun 03, 2020

I am excited that I have achieved my green belt certification. The course content was very well described. It was a great feeling when I claimed my certificate. I wish to move ahead in my career with my new found skill set. Thanks SSGI. I am definitely looking forward to completing my Black belt certification.

David Williams

Verified Buyer

May 18, 2020

This course is easy to follow and is presented in a logical way in which each chapter builds on the previous one. The best part, I found, is that the slides have voice-over that can be repeated and you don't have to read and digest them by yourself. Many of the slides were presented in bullet form with the most pertinent information to learn. Real world examples help solidify the application of the tools, and the examples are from a variety of non-traditional scenarios.

Ryan Cretens

Verified Buyer

May 12, 2020

Good content. I think there could be more opportunity for interactive exercises for learner retention. Some misspellings can be edited for quality control.

Dedria Black

Verified Buyer

May 04, 2020

This was an amazing course for me. Although I am familiar with Six Sigma concepts, the ability to apply it to my field of social services was unclear. After taking this course I have gained enough knowledge to better position my organization with the tools I need to increase the quality of services we provide to our clients.