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Sep 22, 2020
Sep 21, 2020
Cognito forms is more powerful than other form tools I tested. I especially needed the ability to layout financial information in a table and perform calculations. I couldn't find an easy way to do this with other vendors. Additionally, I needed the user to be able to save the form and resume work later and the ability to hyperlink text in the notes/help section.
I'm impressed with the speed in which agents at Cognito have responded to my questions (and I've had a LOT of questions). Every question I asked was responded to within 24 hours and the responses were thoughtful. They were not canned responses from a Tier 1 representative that doesn't really know the answer, but is hoping they'll stumble upon what I need. The first person I talk to is always smart and knows exactly the right response.
Sep 21, 2020
Cognito works great for what it is.
Sep 20, 2020
I give 85% of rating experience with you..
Sep 20, 2020
The best love it
Sep 19, 2020
Thank you for your Cognito Forms application. It facilitates my work.
Sep 19, 2020
It's the best form out of all with maximum functionalities. One thing I'd love to be added would be the ability to make CSS changes to the form itself, and the ability to set link name different from title. Overall, it's been a great experience.
Sep 18, 2020
Cognito Forms meets my needs - in particular handling conditional questions (if/then). This allowed me to streamline my current questionnaire and deliver a quality experience to my client base. The form building sequence is clear and user-friendly, making for a sweet tool for any business owner to have in their box.
Sep 17, 2020
I’ve probably put around 600 hours on this one project and likely could have spent about half that much time had your system had a few features. See below…

- On Number fields, you need to add two select boxes:
□ Display values without format marks
□ Store values without format marks
- On Name field, need to add the following select box
□ Also store Name components individually
- On Text field, need to add the following check box when a Format Validation is used
□ Store number without format marks
- On Address Field, need to add a calculation default so addresses in other address fields can populate a different address field. Calculated default can be at the overall address level, and optionally at the address element level.
- On Address.State, need to add the following flag
□ Store 2 digit State abbreviation instead of full state name.
- On Any field type that allows you to add Values, need to add the following flag:
□ Store Values instead of Choice names.
□ Also need to allow Value to be Alphanumeric.
- Since the above bullet point allows storage of Value instead of Choice name, need to change Values to accept Alphanumeric characters
- For Yes/No fields, need to add the Value field and be able to store that. User would see “Yes” & “No” but system would store “1” & “0”.
- For Date fields:
□ Need to tell the system in what format to display the Date
□ Need to tell the system in what format to store the Date
□ Need this functionality inside each Date field so extra fields (work!) are not required to get the Date in another format.
- For Currency, need to add the following flag:
□ Store value without format marks. (example, $4,528.2274 would be stored as 4528.2274)
- For Calculated fields, need to add the following flag:
□ Store values without format marks.
- For Phone fields, need to add the following flag:
□ Store values without format marks.
- Need to allow for Repeating Sections and Tables to export in the main data set.
- For Content, need to be able to add a horizontal line without it adding an extra line underneath. Maybe allow for HTML so simple <HR> can be used.
- Need to add the ability to embed a DocuSign signature.
- For Choice fields with Checkboxes, need to allow user to enter the delimiter used between values in the Exported file. System uses Comma+Space, but need to let user set delimiter. In my case, I need to have no delimiter.

- Allow more control on characters that can be used for Field Name.
- Allow for Field Name to be used as collum headers when exporting a Selection
- Selecting and setting column for a view is cumbersome.
Sep 17, 2020
I want to build a network, but how
Sep 17, 2020
hopefully i will still free to use because this is very helpful for my small business..
Sep 17, 2020
Nice plans to motivate staff n helpful for great career.
Sep 16, 2020
It is amazing, makes work easy.
We are just using the EOI, Membership Form and Pre Core Group Forms.
Need Assistance on what are the other features we can use in Cognito.
Sep 16, 2020
Awsome experience
Sep 15, 2020
When looking for an application to create forms for data submission I looked at several applications and am happy that Cognito Forms was chosen. I love this freedom within the app and all the bells and whistles!
Sep 15, 2020
The form was easy to build and getting reports was swift
Sep 14, 2020
It is great I like this cognito forms thanks for forms...
Sep 14, 2020
whilst all is user friendly, it need to be upgraded with enabling to copy all attachment and keep as soft copy. Its a chore to copy each one.
Sep 13, 2020
Great forms!
Sep 13, 2020
We design indicators and we wanted to equate total racial indicators= total gender indicator = total as a check so that was a limitation. Also this is a reporting form, we wonder if things answered in an application form at beginning of the year can be automatically put into the report at the end of years to minimise faults. Can it be connected to a another script?

Despite of the things we wished we could do, it was a good script. It was easy and intuitive and fun to play around with. Skip logic of pages and questions was not really hard once I git the hang of it and it is great that we can join it with our operating system.
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