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Jan 19, 2019
Sweet defeat has stopped all my cravings.
Jan 19, 2019
This really works for me, it keeps me from craving sweets.
Jan 19, 2019
I love this product! It works!
I have been a life-long sugar addict and binge eater and have tried virtually every diet, 12-step program and weight loss gimmick over the years to curb my cravings as well as the feeling that I need to binge.
With the first Sweet Defeat lozenge I used I felt immediate relief from the nagging need to eat sugar, or to binge.
I now eat only 3 meals a day, and if my addictive brain starts telling me to eat sugar or to binge after a meal, I simply dissolve a SD tablet on my tongue.
The relief I am feeling from the sugar addiction and bingeing is wonderful. I can now eat like a normal person!
Do yourself a favor and try it! I hope you have the same great results that I am having! Cheers!
Jan 18, 2019
Very helpful in curbing my need for sweets.
Jan 18, 2019
You won’t believe it but seriously it WORKS
Jan 17, 2019
It works when I can remember to take them.
Jan 17, 2019
While I don't notice a major change in my mental cravings for sugar after taking this, I have noticed that it makes sugary foods taste remarkably bland after taking it. It instead allows me to lock in my choice to not have any sugar for a period of time (not sure yet how long the effect lasts) after taking one.

Keep in mind that it won't do all the work of resisting sugar for you. But it's an excellent tool to assist you in reaching your goal of a low sugar lifestyle.
Jan 17, 2019
I have always craved sweets. When I was working, I was usually one of the first ones running to the break room when we got an email that someone brought cake! Plus, we had a cafe and vending machines. I ate sweets every day. Now, I am retired and have an apartment in my daughter and son-in-law’s house. He is a new pastor. I cannot tell you how many pies, cakes, cookies and other sweets crossed the threshold during the Christmas season. I ate everything with wild abandon! At a recent trip to the Dr, I realized that I have gained 10 pounds! Oh no! So I ordered Sweet Defeat and tried it a few days ago. I made a brownie in a mug with lots of gooey chocolate icing! I ate over half and reluctantly put it down. I tried the Sweet Defeat lozenge, and I must say, it tasted good and minty. So I waited a couple minutes and tried a big bite of brownie. Whaaaaat? This delicious brownie had NO flavor! It was like a big hunk of notebook paper—just nothing! I spit out what was in my mouth and threw the rest of the brownie away! Success! I will be using Sweet Defeat to help curb my out-of-control cravings! I even put a couple in my purse. Wish me luck. Tonight I’m going to a Wednesday night dinner at the church and am seriously thinking about using Sweet Defeat to say no to dessert! Yeahhhhh I now have the power to resist, thanks to Sweet Defeat!
Jan 16, 2019
I absolutely love Sweet Defeat! It really works! When I crave sweets just one tiny Sweet Defeat keeps me away from sweets for hours! Zero chance I can touch a sweet after dissolving just 1 Sweet Defeat. These tiny, special mints are really going to help me get in control of food and in control of my sweet tooth! Thank you!
Jan 16, 2019
Great product, helpful with my sweet cravings and helps me stay on track
Jan 16, 2019
Sweet defeat worked for me. I have been over-eating sugar for years mostly in the evening. One pill after dinner takes care of that night time craving. I feel so much better after just a couple of weeks!!
Jan 16, 2019
This stuff works. As advertised. Period. End of review.
Jan 16, 2019
Thumbs up
Jan 16, 2019
It has worked for me and I continue to loose weight. I have less of a desire for sweets but need to take a few pills a day initially. Would recommend.
Jan 16, 2019
Really works! Takes the edge off sweets (and any food) for a bit. I probably try everything new and this is one that I highly recommend.
Jan 16, 2019
Jan 16, 2019
It really stops you from tasting sweets since I have started I have lost 6 pounds with a low calorie diet with no sweets
Jan 16, 2019
I noticed a difference at first as well as my desire for sweets.
Jan 16, 2019
Works fantastic and is easy to use.
Jan 16, 2019
About Sweet Defeat
It’s liberating to live without cravings. Sweet Defeat’s clinically proven, natural lozenges make it easier to live a healthier lifestyle by reducing sugar cravings in seconds so you can focus on better choices. Overcome the cravings and declare Sweet Victory over your sweet tooth.
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