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Jan 16, 2019
Get this now! I ordered this after seeing the ad on Facebook a few times. I thought it sounded a bit unlikely, but they had a coupon code and I am trying to live my best life, so I decided to give a one month supply a try. If it didn’t work, so be it. The hubs and I were splitting some ice cream the day they came in, so I thought I’d put them to the test. The lozenge was good, dissolved easily and tasted like a mint. I didn’t notice an after taste and nothing felt different. I still had the sweetness of the ice cream on my brain and I was so skeptical. I took one small bite of ice cream...NO SWEETNESS! Tasted like cold milk. I was blown away. I made my husband try it and same result! This is a huge win for me, and I totally recommend it if you have a sweet habit you want to kick to the curb. Worth every penny!
Jan 15, 2019
I love Sweet Defeat because I am the type of person that once I start eating sweets, I can't stop. I can't control myself and I binge. Ibcan honestly say that sweet defeat is curbing my sweet tooth because I keep thibkibg of the taste of the food after I used sweet defeat. I have used it after a bite of red velevet cheescake (from the Cheesecake factory) andnit make it taste like plain cream cheese. I used it on chocolate chip cookies and it really did taste like cardboard. It is amazing that the sugar is blocked and for me, my mind remembers that taste and I don't want that sugary goodness anymore.
Jan 12, 2019
Yes, absolutely would recommend Sweet Defeat. It is in a convenient to-go package you can take anywhere - I tried one out of curiosity over whether it would actually work and it definitely does what is advertised, for both sugar and sweeteners. It’s not that the food/drink then tasted like nothing, but rather like the other components - and generally pretty bitter and gross, leading you to avoid eating it. I did not try savory food with it but I can imagine, as most processed food has an amount of sugar in it, that it would be a similar outcome.

Definitely a great idea and a wonderful, convenient form. Of course, you do need to use it properly for it to work. I held the pill in my mouth and rolled it along my tongue to ensure an even coating. It lasted about three hours without drinking water.
Jan 11, 2019
It works!!!
Jan 11, 2019
I have this and it has helped me curb my snacking at work. I pop one in and I don't crave sugar as much. It's a little odd flavor but not enough to stop me from using it. When I have tried to eat sweets after I had a mint, it tasted like nothing or an off flavor. I didn't get the pleasure I normally received from the sweets. It does wear off if you continue to consume the sweets. Example... I had one while at work around 2 pm. Went to dinner with my husband and ordered a sweet mixed drink. At first I said the bartender must not know the syrup is out on the gun for the drink I ordered. Then I remembered I had a Sweet Defeat earlier. I continued my drink and after awhile my tastes buds returned to normal. It helps a lot with the diet I am on. Harder to cheat.
Jan 10, 2019
Great house. Stunning finishes and lots of space. Kash responds quickly. It’s an easy walk to the Byward Market, parliament hill etc. It can be a bit noisy from the cars/road.
Jan 08, 2019
Shocked to say that these work but they do. As someone who is plagued with a serious sweet tooth and caves multiple times a day I now haven’t had any sweets in 5 whole days! The aftertaste isn’t great but not horrible either. They have definitely helped!
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Response from Sweet Defeat
Jan 09, 2019
Thank you for trying Sweet Defeat Trish! We are so excited to hear about your success. Avoiding sweets for 5 days is no small feat. Keep up the amazing work :)
Jan 07, 2019
Jan 05, 2019
Excellent customer service
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Response from Sweet Defeat
Jan 09, 2019
Thank you Angela! We hope that you have a happy and healthy day :)
Jan 03, 2019
I had seen these ads forever, and when they had a sale, I figured it couldn't hurt. I have a massive sweet tooth and I wanted to cut out sugar in the new year. When they arrived (on time, no issue), I immediately tried one and then tried a piece of leftover holiday candy. It just tasted like a wet rock. No issue whatsoever spitting it out. I'm really excited because my school constantly has treats out for teachers (it's nice, but not for me fitting in my clothes) and I can't wait to use this as a tool to stay off of sugar.
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Response from Sweet Defeat
Jan 04, 2019
Hi Whittney thank you for sharing your success using Sweet Defeat! We are so happy that Sweet Defeat has been able to help you say no to leftover holiday candy. We know how tempting treats can be especially when they can be found everywhere! Keep up the great work Whittney😊
Dec 28, 2018
Sweet Defeat is a lifesaver for me in the evenings . I always would eat something sweet to end my evening meal . It had become an addiction and I would feel myself getting angry if there was not anything sweet to eat in the house . I take sweet defeat after my evening meal and it has stopped those crazy thoughts that tell me I have to have something sweet before I can call it a night . Thanks Sweet Defeat ❤️🙌
Dec 27, 2018
Sweet Defeat has been my magic pill. Being a lifelong sugar addict made diet and dietary changes impossible, which I hated. Sweet defeat has allowed me to change that. When that sugar urge hits, I pop one in my mouth and the impossible suddenly becomes manageable. I can control how much I am consuming. My cravings are not as frequent or all-consuming. I very highly recommend this product.
Dec 23, 2018
Unbelievable! I am so excited! I originally bought these for my son but I thought I could probably use them as well. So today I tried them for the first time. Around the holiday season there can be an abundance of wine so I wanted to see if this would work on wine. I drink a few sips of red wine and took a bite of a brownie and then dissolved a sweet defeat on my tongue. After a few minutes I took a another sip of wine and it was awful! Not only that, I took a bite of the brownie and I literally ran to the sink to spit it out it was so gross! I am SO excited! So then I went to my 15-year-old son and had him eat a brownie and then dissolve a sweet defeat on his tongue and then he took a bite of the same brownie and had to immediately spit it out! I’m telling you my son has the sweet tooth of a giant! This is going to be so helpful! So then I waited 30 minutes and I drink another sip of wine and ate another bite of a brownie and it tasted almost 100% good again. Another 15 minutes went by and now everything taste just as good as it did in the beginning. If I could sell these myself I totally would! I really recommend them, they really do work!
Dec 21, 2018
I've been watching the ads for Sweet Defeat for a while thinking it was to good to be true. Curiosity got to me and I placed an order.

I waited for my family to be together so we can all experience it at the same time. Myself, hubby, daughter 26, son 15 and eventually mom 70ish. Mom is a sugar addict.

Here is our honest opinion
*it taste good... Never became truly bitter no once complained

*IT DOES WORK!!!!!! We all agreed.. We hit the kitchen and tried lots of sugary treats.. Even plain white sugar... Amazing... Could not taste it.

*it lasts good for about 30 min then slowly loses strength... Worth it

If you are on the fence about ordering... It's worth a try. An amazing tool to help break the sugar cycle..
Dec 18, 2018
Very effective despite initially not thinking it would work.
Dec 17, 2018
My experience with Sweet Defeat was quite interesting but actually transformed into a stellar experience. The customer service corrected any mistake and the products genuinely work. If you have ever been curious about Sweet Defeat, definitely purchase it. It’s a great product that does as said and backed by genuine people.
Dec 15, 2018
It actually works!
Dec 15, 2018
I was very surprised. Great discovery
Dec 15, 2018
As someone with hypoglycemia, I've always struggled with sugar cravings, even though sugar makes me sick! I used to be able to get past it, but when life gets stressful, I struggle more. Sweet Defeat is the closest I've ever been to finding a Magic Bullet, and so I'm very thankful for this product! It's been very effective for me.
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Response from Sweet Defeat
Dec 15, 2018
We're so happy to hear our customers' success stories! We are so glad that Sweet Defeat has given you the extra edge you needed to fight your sugar cravings. Keep up the amazing work ☺️
Dec 13, 2018
I love these little mints. They have really changed my need for sweets. I've been trying not to eat as much sugar recently but needed some extra help...especially during the holidays...cookies and pies are EVERYWHERE. It's giving me the extra help I need to not eat the whole plate of cookies at the party.
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Response from Sweet Defeat
Dec 13, 2018
We can relate! It's easy to feel surrounded by sweets during the holiday season Rekha. We hope that Sweet Defeat can give you the edge you need to avoid overindulging in sweet treats this holiday season 😊
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It’s liberating to live without cravings. Sweet Defeat’s clinically proven, natural lozenges make it easier to live a healthier lifestyle by reducing sugar cravings in seconds so you can focus on better choices. Overcome the cravings and declare Sweet Victory over your sweet tooth.
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