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Mar 13, 2019
Hola!!! para ser la primera experiencia me gustó, fue una buena experiencia.
Sólo algunas recomendaciones, cuando llegué al aeropuerto pensé que alguien de la organización iba a estar ahí, incluso con mi nombre o con el de ustedes para ubicarnos mejor, pero no. vi un grupo de jóvenes en grupo como que esperando a alguien y creo q se dieron cuenta que yo también buscaba a alguien hasta que me preguntaron. por otro lado, creo que sería bueno que informen que cuando una va se encuentra con diversas organizaciones de voluntariado, sobretodo para los que van por primera vez, ya que al inicio entré en dudas ya que cuando me encontré con un grupo en ele aeropuerto, yo preguntaba a los otros voluntarios y ninguno era de Vol Sos, lo cual al inicio me preocupó. Asimismo informar a los que nos acogen (Stay Africa si no me equivoco) que hay personas que tienen un safari de fin de semana incluido, al parecer no lo sabían y nosotras teníamos que preguntar por ello, claro que todo se coordinó de manera rápida y cumplieron con lo que ofrecieron, pero eso también puede provocar confusión en incomodidad. Por otro lado, el trabajo del voluntariado en sí no fue arduo, era en un lugar donde no era muy pobre, tal vez pensaba que nos iban a enviar a oras zonas, entiendo, y nos explicaron que hay zonas de extrema pobreza pero también son inseguras y no pueden exponer a los voluntarios. Lo que sí me gustaría es que se coordinara con estos centros a los que van los voluntarios y, si bien es cierto vamos a apoyar en lo que se necesite, me pareció algo desorganizado el trabajo, al menos en el colegio donde apoyé, a veces las profesoras simplemente te preguntaban si podías ver a los niños, que si bien eran pocos, se iban y te dejaban sola. Al menos en ese salón nunca vi una clase. Comprendo que una tenga que hacer pro activa y sugerir actividades, como sucedió con las chicas con las que compartí el proyecto, pero creo que sería mejor que haya orientación por parte de los colegios también, recuerden que muchos voluntarios (tal vez la mayoría) no tienen experiencia laboral y otros recién están viendo qué estudiar. Me pareció que en otros centros a veces también como que te daban un grupo para hacer deporte pero nadie te guiaba sobre lo que se tenía que hacer. Sería bueno que se organizaran (los centros, colegios, etc) de mejor manera o que se vaya a proyectos más específicos así se podría aprovechar mucho mejor el tiempo y energía de los voluntarios.
Mar 12, 2019
Every aspect of my recent trip to Rio was excellent. The logistics of the trip were all handled in advance for me. The kids were wonderful as was the Community in Action team that I volunteered with. Visiting the favela was a unique cultural experience. I found everyone I encountered to be very welcoming despite my limited ability to speak Portugese and at no point did I feel endangered. Thanks again to everyone who made this possible and I would highly recommend the trip.
Feb 26, 2019
The program was great! I just would have like being told I was voluteering with friends for asia, not volunteering solutions, and also the elephant camp name.
Volunteering Solutions Logo
Response from Volunteering Solutions
Feb 27, 2019
Hi Camila, it is great to know that you enjoyed your time in Chiang Mai in the Elephant camp program. We clearly mention the details of our in country coordinators in the Pre Departure booklet which is sent to you before departure. We look forward to your participation on our other programs soon.
Feb 26, 2019
I took part in volunteering program in Arusha Tanzania. Everything went well except two things: 1 There was nobody to pick me up from the airport when i arrived to Arusha. 2 I was telling many times to one of the local VS workers i would like to work/visit at least for one day public hospital to see the difference to private hospital in which i was working at the time but they didn't arrange that during my stay even though I mentioned about it several times. I guess they always forgot to get the permission for public hospital or postponed it or something. Anyways that's very unprofessional.

For other upcoming dental volunteers i would recommend that they should work in both private and public hospital to understand the difference and to get the best conception about dental care in Tanzania.
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Response from Volunteering Solutions
Feb 27, 2019
Hello Heta, Thanks for submitting your review, our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused to your during the airport pickup. We are investigating the same as to why the pickup did not happen on time. In regards to working one day at the public hospital is not always possible at a short notice, as this completely depends on the local hospital authorities to give approval of the same. However we are still checking with the local team about this. Thanks once again for joining our program in Tanzania.
Feb 21, 2019
Overall I was pleased with my experience. Positives included that the website and registration/payment system was easy to navigate and we were able to get timely responses from people who work for volunteer solutions.

Negatives were that I felt I didn’t get to help in my placement enough for what money I paid and what skill set I have. I am a registered nurse in Canada and was placed at a hospital where it was mainly observation and not much going on. I felt I wanted more of a purpose at the placement. Perhaps it is better to have a skill set questionnaire and then place people appropriately so they get the experience they want.

Staff at the volunteer house were lovely though and made us feel at home and like a family.
Feb 13, 2019
The teaching experience was really good, but only the intial communication and cordination should be better. I've was only able to got into contact with the local cordinator the last day, the contact info in the booklet should be updated constantly. Thank you!
Feb 08, 2019
I just spent two weeks volunteering at an Autistic Child Care center in Hanoi, Vietnam and could not be happier with my experience. From start to finish everything was seamless.
The NGO I was paired with in Hanoi was fantastic as well. I highly recommend Volunteering Solutions to anyone looking for a volunteer program.
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Response from Volunteering Solutions
Feb 27, 2019
Hello Melanie, Thanks for submitting your review about our Vietnam program. We are happy to know that you enjoyed the program. We look forward to your participation on our other programs soon.
Feb 08, 2019
I recently volunteered with the Street Children Project in South Delhi. The overall experience was life changing and very fulfilling. The support from Volunteering Solutions staff was fantastic throughout the process. On arrival to India we were greeted by one of their staff who brought us directly to our accommodation. There we meet more staff responsible for supporting volunteers at each accommodation. Any questions or concerns were always resolved as the staff were always willing to provide advice and information necessary. The actual experience of working with the children was incredible. The children are so loving and willing to learn from volunteers. They welcome you with open arms and hugs and make you feel that your time there is so meaningful. The memories of my time there will live in my heart forever. I would recommend anyone thinking of offering their time to volunteer to use Volunteering solutions.
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Response from Volunteering Solutions
Feb 27, 2019
Hello Colin, Thanks for submitting your review about our India program. We are happy to know that you enjoyed the program. We look forward to your participation on our other programs soon.
Feb 05, 2019
Patirtis neįkainojama. Viskas sustyguota, aprūpinta,tikslu ir aišku. 🙂
Jan 28, 2019
There were difficulties on the first day getting from the airport to the hostel, with me initially being dropped off at a hotel and the driver not approaching me or holding a sign with my name at the collection area.
Other than this, I had wonderful experience in the hostel and the hospital.
Jan 25, 2019
I had a great experience in Delhi tutoring children. The organization was very helpful in picking me up from the airport, informing us on how to get around, and providing a simple breakfast and dinner. We had support in our efforts with our questions and concerns answered. The apartment I stayed in was in a safe area and the experience with the kids was wonderful.
Jan 24, 2019
Volunteering in Tanzania was an amazing experience that I will never forget!
Jan 24, 2019
Great Experience!
Jan 22, 2019
Great experience! I met some wonderful people and enjoyed beautiful nature. I expected more patients though.
The location could've been better ; the views are beautiful and all but the dental portable clinic would've been busier and more productive if there were more patients who actually need treatment. After arrival, I learned that people in Palampur and neighboring areas don't need dental volunteers much. Citizens below poverty line (the vast majority) are eligible for full access to medical and dental care free of charge for most services.
If I had known better, I would've traveled to a location where people don't have access to healthcare. For example, camps for Myanmar refugees or Syrian refugees which I plan to visit with a local saudi team sometime in the near future.
Overall, It was a very enriching and humbling experience.
Thank you for everything.

Dr. Abeer AlSwailem
Jan 21, 2019
this trip was a great experience and possible one of my best so far. it was interesting meet new people from different places around the world. thank you very much
Jan 17, 2019
Amazing program with amazing coordinators. Joe took care of us so well and our homestay host Paul was incredible.
Jan 17, 2019
Everything was great especially Paul and joe
Jan 17, 2019
It was a great experience and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in volunteering.
Jan 16, 2019
It was a really great experience, all the staf in Rabat was very nice with me, the accomodation was perfect, to have the opportunity to work with a women ONG was one of my dreams and it was perfect.
Jan 16, 2019
Our volunteering experience at CSDS was a positive one. Our group consisted of two families with teenage children (12,13 &14yrs old). One of the few organisations that could accomodate volunteering children / families with only teenage children a short amoint of time to contribute. Staff were very friendly and provided meals were delicious. A great and rewarding experience. Thank you.
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